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At AeroPoint Consulting, we know we can’t be the expert in EVERY aspect of our business.  We know many of us small business owners, create our businesses around our passions and our unique skill sets and talents.  Part of the motivation of starting our own business is the freedom from “punching a clock” and “working for the weekend”.  It’s easy to get burnt out if you find yourself spending time working through aspects of your business that you know you need, but which aren’t in your area of expertise.  For example, technology! 


AeroPoint Consulting can step in as the technology expert for running your business efficiently. You might know you need a website, or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or a server, but when it comes to implementation and maintenance, you’re not sure where to start.  Perhaps you have a very specific need, that you know technology would help with, but have no idea how. 


That’s where we, at AeroPoint Consulting, can help! We know that Cloud Technology is one of the keys to running a successful business.  We also know, not everyone knows the best ways to leverage Cloud Technologies for their specific business needs.  You might not even know what Cloud Technology is!  Check out our blog here, to read more about how Cloud Technology can help your business. 

Erika McNichol

Erika has over 15 years of experience in Business Operations in a variety of settings.  She has functioned as a Business Partner in her past roles and understands the importance of mutual trust, transparency, and excellent communication.  She believes that technology, when used properly, can be the key to an efficient business.  She has spent her career helping businesses of all sizes utilize their technology in the best way possible. 

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